As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I offer individual and group consultation to clinicians who have completed Basic Training in EMDR and are interested in further developing their skills in treating anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders, deepening their therapeutic work, and are seeking to become certified as EMDR therapists and approved consultants. I provide consultation online via Zoom. I have been trained by both Dr. Laurel Parnell and Dr. Philip Manfield.

I prioritize providing a safe, supportive, and attentive space where you can feel comfortable presenting your cases, asking questions, and seeking clarification about complex clinical issues. I work collaboratively with consultees to develop and enhance skills in treating post-traumatic stress disorders, somatic symptoms, phobias, dissociation, and panic.

For those new to learning EMDR, together we can discuss how to integrate EMDR into your practice, review basic EMDR techniques and procedures, discuss introducing EMDR to your clients, practice set-up and closure, as well as resource development and installation.

From there, we can focus our consultation on refining your skills with EMDR for your more complex and challenging cases. This may include topics like identifying targets and target sequencing for reprocessing, recognizing and working through blocking beliefs, managing dissociation, applying interweaves, utilizing the floatback or somatic bridge technique, exploring ways to fine-tune your EMDR skill set to meet your client's needs best, and supporting you around any countertransference issues that may be arising for you in this often challenging work. I also welcome discussions around integrating EMDR with other forms of therapy so that you can feel supported in developing your innovations and bringing your unique voice to the work.

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